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Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney’s opponent, finally gave up.  His campaign was already in debt and he wasn’t able to hold water anymore. Nobody ever expected that Santorum would get this far as he was always seen as an underdog and it was clear that Romney will be the representative of the Republican party. Nevertheless, Santorum surprised us as he was more successful than Romney in some states.

However, Santorum was clearly too conservative for the Americans. His core beliefs including the “protection” of unborn life (which means his disapproval of contraception and abortion) and his strong opinions concerning homosexuals and economic issues seemed to be too conservative.

Of course everybody feels sorry for his three-year-old daughter Bella who is suffering from Trisomy 18 and has been hospitalized on Friday. And his speeches are always heart-warming when he talks about family values and such nice things and we can see his adorable seven children right behind him. Then, it was always shocking to analyze the content of his speeches and to get the deeper sense of his words.

Apparently, a lovely family is not enough and you obviously have to be very wealthy in order to become the representative of the Republican party.

Well, now it’s time to say “congrats Mitt” and hope that he will challenge Obama in a fair and decent manner.

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