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von cindyw

The Republican party is moving and it’s already clear that Mitt Romney will be the representative of the Republican party. But who is Mitt Romney and which politician would be the alternative?

Mitt Romney was born in 1947 in Detroit. He is a really successful businessman as he founded the investment firm Bain Capital. In 2003 he was elected governor of Massachusetts and in 2008 he tried to win against McCain as he wanted to represent the Republican party. However, he lost this battle to McCain but as we can see now, he never really gave up.

The US citizens seem to like Romney as he is very wealthy, successful but also religious. The religious aspect is very important for a member of the Republican party. He has  five sons and he is an active member of the Mormon church.

For some people Mitt Romney is a hero, because he rescued the Winter Olympics in 2002 which took place in Salt Lake City. At this time, Salt Lake City was almost bankrupt but Romney managed these financial difficulties very well. This is one of the reasons why some Americans think that Romney could also rescue the US economy.

But what does he actually stand for?
Mitt Romney has many standard Republican positions including taxes, terrorism, the economy and the health care reform. But his disapproval of Obama’s health care reform is a clear contradiction as Mitt Romney himself signed a health care reform programme in Massachusetts in 2003.
Of course he is against abortion, he doesn’t like homosexuals and all these typical Republican values.

Romney could be a real danger regarding Obama’s future career, as many people see him as the “saviour”  who will save the US economy, create more jobs and make the country more Republican.
They believe that his successful life will have an enormous impact on his policy and therefore the development of the USA.

Santorum (his opponent) seems to be too conservative for the voters. He opposes stem cell research, abortion, contraception, gay marriage, homosexuals in the military sector, bailouts etc. etc.
His list of “don’ts” is very long and some people might ask themselves what he actually supports.
How will he cure the economy opposing  bailouts and financial aids? How will he create jobs  saying “Let Detroit go down” ? He wants to invest more money in the military sector- money the US doesn’t have. And most of the Americans are sick of war.

All in all, we can be sure that the battle has not really begun yet. The official results which confirm that Mitt Romney will be representing the Republican party are not published now as there are still some states that haven’t  voted so far. But it’s time for Obama to react now and start his own electoral campaign.

See more on: http://www.mittromney.com/

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  1. cindyw
    08 April 12, 7:08pm

    thanks for the amazing pictures! the video is incredible- it almost makes me a supporter of Romney (if I would not know about his political point of view)

  2. 10 April 12, 8:27pm

    Ein Republikaner gibt schon mal auf !

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