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von cindyw

After the last exciting weeks the decision has been made and the US citizens have elected their new/old president.
Although the predictions were clear that the decision would be very close, Obama has clearly shown that he is still fascinating the majority of the Americans.
He got 303 of the Electors’ votes (Romney only got 206). In fact, this is not as close as expected!
Obama even convinced the voters of the most important Swing State Ohio – and without a lot of effort he also got important states like Washington, California, New York, Nevada or Virginia.


Why did Romney fail?
It is clear that his position changed during the period of the pre-elections and the electoral campaign for the Presidential Elections.
This was pretty confusing for the people as his program contained lots of contradictions due to his extremely conservative position at the beginning and the kind of moderate style he used to have just before the elections.
Why did he have to do that?
After the big “Bush scandal” the Republican party took a break of “reorientation”. The country was severely damaged by the horrible economic situation where Bush played an important role. (The collapse of Lehmann’s, the global economic crisis, the real estate crisis etc.)
Obama was elected and he promised change and hope.

This was a shock for the Republicans. They seemed to have no role model anymore, no one to lead them.
As the economic situation didn’t get better Obama started to introduce some welfare measures in order to guarantee that things keep running smoothly.
He invested a huge amount of money to rescue the car industry in Detroit and the amount of debts got higher and higher.
This didn’t stop Obama – he introduced ObamaCare. And this was a heart attack for the Republican Party.
As a result we had the Tea Party movement – some super conservative Republicans who weren’t satisfied at all with Obama’s policy.

So during the pre-elections Romney had to be a representative for those Republicans who shared the same ideas as the Tea Party Movement – but also for those Republicans who supported a moderate way of thinking.

And that’s why even until the end no one really figured out what Romney’s real position is. He contradicted himself way too often.


But can we really hope for some new changes?
Well, the thing is that the Republicans still have the majority in the House of Representatives which means that they are able to block Obama’s projects or bills.
This will make it extremely difficult for Obama to fulfill his ideas and promises in this difficult time of economic crisis in the USA.
Thus, the amount of debts is extremely high and it will be difficult for Obama to achieve his economic goals. He will probably have to demand for higher taxes (which will be paid by rich people of course).

It won’t be easy and it’s clear that being the President of the USA is a hard job.
Nevertheless the majority is very relieved and we can proudly say:



 Happiness after the result











Bildmaterial: barackobama.com and  Barack Obama’s Facebook page

By the way: Thank you Twitter and Facebook for making those Elections so exciting! And I’m sorry – I didn’t do it on purpose, but neither Romney’s webpage nor his Facebook or Twitter page contain any photos!

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